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Sandra Kettle (skettle@comp.uark.edu)
Thu, 1 Feb 1996 14:09:11 -0600 (CST)

I am an ABD, doctoral student wanting to do my dissertation research on an
spirituality in the workplace. I am trying to narrow my topic and am
looking for ideas, research, resources, etc. To give you an idea of how I
am looking at spirituality in the workplace, here is a quote from LEADING
WITH SOUL by Bolman and Deal. "Heart, hope, and faith, rooted in soul and
spirit, are necessary for today's managers to become tomorrow's leaders,
for today's sterile bureaucracies to become tomorrow's communities of
meaning, and for our society to rediscover its ethical and spiritual
center. Leading with soul requires giving gifts from the heart that
breathe spirit and passion into your life and organization." This is not
about religion. As Jack Hawley, author of REAWAKENING THE SPIRIT IN WORK
said, "Spirituality is the goal, religion is the path." And Bolman and
Deal point out, "It is not the only path."
I intend to do my doctoral research to find out about the presence
of or some aspect of spirituality in the workplace. Examples might be:
What are the characteristics of an organization that nurtures the
individual's spirit? How has an individual's spirituality positively
affected outcomes in an organization? How comfortable are managers,
leaders, CEOs, etc., with the concept of a spiritual workplace?
Since I am on a fishing expedition, any assistance will be

Sandy Kettle
University of Arkansas

Sandra Kettle <skettle@comp.uark.edu>