Spirituality in the Workplace LO5319

Sat, 3 Feb 1996 11:05:50 -0500

Replying to LO5293 --

I've been observing what can destroy spirituality in the workplace lately.

Throughout the day/year/career there are many frustrations that
individuals feel but are unable to express or take action on. These
frustrations, if not processes, can desensitize the soul, thereby
destroying spirituality. An example might be: you are sitting in a
meeting, you boss is presenting an idea that you must carry forth, but you
don't agree with it's direction, but you don't feel you can say that to
him. You leave the meeting frustrated, and carry on with the project
without your heart for the next 18 months. What can be done about that?
Developing the skills of advocacy and inquiry and exploring mental models
can help you process those frustrations and take action where you were
unable to take action before. The best way to develop those skills, I
have found, is left-hand column exercise (see Argyris or 5th Disc.
Fieldbook) with an experienced coach to help you process the exercise. It
sounds like a wonderful dissertation. I would love to read it. Good

Jamie Flinchbaugh