Spirituality in the Workplace LO5341

Julie Beedon (julie@vistabee.win-uk.net)
Sun, 04 Feb 1996 18:56:42

Replying to LO5293 --

> I intend to do my doctoral research to find out about the presence
>of or some aspect of spirituality in the workplace. Examples might be:
>What are the characteristics of an organization that nurtures the
>individual's spirit? How has an individual's spirituality positively
>affected outcomes in an organization? How comfortable are managers,
>leaders, CEOs, etc., with the concept of a spiritual workplace?
> Since I am on a fishing expedition, any assistance will be

Seems like an interesting line of research - as someone who does what she
does out of a sense of 'calling' (and I do mean religious - at least if we
are agreed God is religious?) which at one stage I understood as mnistry
within the context of public sector service... and then developed as I
found myself increasingly with opportunities to minister to the whole
organisation (as we engaged on a transformation based on Deming - and
which brought what seemed to me to be Christian principles into the
system) ... then I felt called to this sort of work for more than one
organisation... in my converstations with people like Billie Alban I
discovered there is a growing community of people who are less inclined to
'evangelise the workplace' and more inclined to think about how we might
minister to the workplace... I realise you are looking broadly at
sprituality in the workplace but you might find the works of a theologian
Walter Wink to be relevant... I am in the middle of reading his book
Engaging the Powers and he has some interesting theories about the nature
of the 'whole world system' and spirituality and I know when he works with
corporate groups he asks them to draw 'the angel of their organisation' or
the 'spirit of their workplace'......

If you were interested I think Billie (albanB@aol.com) could point you in
the direction of other resources...

Julie Beedon
VISTA Consulting - for a better future