Involvement and Partic LO5340

Julie Beedon (
Sun, 04 Feb 1996 19:16:05

Replying to LO5195 --

>>>we can use to balance the two extremes of no involvement
>>>(authoritarian rule) and too much involvement (democracy?).
snip snip....

>However, what if the organization is attempting
>to involve 100 of these people on as many as 10 different teams dealing
>with work environment issues and process improvement? I see two realistic
>1) A user group that (or representative groups) aids a full-time team in
>their understanding (exactly as you described) of how things are and how
>they can be.
>2) A part-time team, that meets weekly for a few hours, with clearly
>defined objectives.

I think another alternative would be to use 'whole system' events to pull
the data from every perspective and build a common purpose and then use
the leverage created with some key teams as described *and* with everyone
impacting change in their daily jobs...

Julie Beedon
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