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I have the great fortune of coaching a 5th and 6th grade tackle football
team. Just for fun, I assigned them homework. They were to write a 60
word essay on what Teamwork meant to them. I found the responses
exceptional and on target. I think we (business people, educators etc.)
get caught up in our thinking and a child's perspective is refreshing.
The results are posted below.

If you find their insight valuable, send me a note and I'll pass it along
to them. They would love to hear what you think of their ideas.

thanks in advance.

Jeff Petkevicius (Coach-P)


by the St. Thomas More
5th and 6th Grade Football Team, Spokane, Washington
September 1, 1995

Teamwork is having fun working together, helping each other, playing
together, doing good in a game. Doing our best laughing together and
being nice to each other. Don't put any one down and don't hurt someone's

Teamwork is when the team works together and is a group. The best way to
play is to play as a team. We all work together and make a touchdown.
Teamwork is fun because you get to work with other players and have some
help instead of all alone is harder than teamwork. It helps you get
better at football.

Teamwork is where you win together and if one person isn't working then
the whole team will do bad. when there's teamwork, you can win more. And
when there's teamwork, you concentrate more and act and look like a team
and play like a team. Teamwork is where when someone isn't doing as well,
you help them out.

Teamwork means working together, laying together, respecting each other,
and having fun together. Even if you only like a few people on the team.
Even if you think you're the best and the rest aren't very good. Even if
you're the only on who's even trying to play. Having fun means to work
together, and not to get mad at people who aren't as good as them. Do you
think in basketball someone who hogs the ball all the time is gonna have a
lot of friends. Or someone who passes all the time. This is what I think
teamwork means.

T-rusting other people
look A-head to your future
M-ake it happen
W-ork hard for your goals
O-pen your horizons for new possibilities
be R-anked first and best
K-eep your eyes on the good

What teamwork means to me is working together to get something done. With
Teamwork you can get done more than you can by yourself. With teamwork
you cannot hog the ball. You have to do what is best for the team.
Teamwork would be looking for ways to help the team. You must do what is
best for the team.

Teamwork to me is working together as a group, and cooperating. If one
guy is falling behind a little, we all need to help him out. Every play
we run, we use teamwork. If we run the play wrong, it's not just one
person's fault. We all need to help each other out. We don't need to win
to be successful, we need to have fun, learn how to play football, and
work together as a team. We win and we loose as a team. Teamwork is the
only way we will win.

What teamwork means to me - Teamwork is not an individual process, you
have to work together like brothers, or like we're all one family. It's
always fun to work as a team, like in partners, or as a group, because
it's always harder when you do it by yourself. So always try to work
together. That's what teamwork means to me.

I think sportsmanship is about the whole team. We have to work together
and play like a team. We just can't run around with not knowing what we
are doing. We have got to be nice to each other. Most of all, we must be
nice to the other team. For instance, if a player on the other team gets
hurt, we need to help him, then when he gets up we need to clap. That is
what sportsmanship is all about.

What teamwork means to me is working together and listening to the coach
and doing what he says. Try our hardest and concentrate on the game and
try to think of trying and not worrying about if you win the game but how
you play. Don't brag if you win and don't whine and complain if you lose.

I think teamwork is very important because without it, we wouldn't win.
It also teaches people not to be self-centered. We have to learn teamwork
and how to cooperate with others for the future. It would help us all
become better friends. If we use teamwork, we would argue less and play
more. It would also help in school. Teamwork doesn't just mean on the
field, but everywhere you go. We have to learn to help everyone not just
our best friend. We have to learn that we are not the only ones on the
field. Then we will.................WIN.

I think that teamwork is very important on a team because if you don't
have teamwork, you will never accomplish anything. You can look at all of
these great basketball players down in LA who think that they can beat the
other team by themselves, but they are wrong, all they do is hurt the
team. That is what teamwork means to me.

I think that teamwork is where you help each other out. I don't think
that you or anyone could make it anywhere in sports with out teamwork.
You would need it in any sport like basketball, baseball, football or lot
of other sports. If you didn't have any teamwork you couldn't get
anywhere like in football if the line doesn't do anything, you probably
get tackled.

I think teamwork is where the team works hard and works together. We
congratulate each other and be nice to each other. We play hard and rough
to win, but if we lose, we're still a team and we tried. If we win, that
tells us that we worked together. My advice is if you want to win, you
have to use teamwork.

Teamwork is more efficient than an individual working by himself. You
have more fun winning and even losing as a team than by yourself.
Football really uses teamwork. Without teamwork, a football team would
fall apart. Every position is as important as the next. One person could
really ruin it for everyone by goofing off instead of putting in some

Teamwork is when the team works together and does not argue, that is what
the chain is for, it teaches you teamwork and builds confidence when you
work together that is teamwork.

Teamwork means a group of individuals achieving a goal. I feel good and I
can see my team feels good too when I use teamwork . Teamwork is one of
the most important things in any sports team or in life. Teamwork is even
used in a family. You couldn't get anything done without teamwork.

I think teamwork is a big thing in football because it makes us have a
better chance to win the games. When we all work together, we get things
done and when we try to do things all by ourselves, it takes a longer time
and it is usually not done as well as it would be done if we worked

A team to me is a group of people that work together to reach a goal.
Team goals are more important than individual goals. You should support
your team and don't put anyone down, even if you don't like someone you
should respect your teammates because if they didn't do what they did, we
couldn't do what we do. remember, there is no I in TEAM.

Being a team is important if we want to win and work together. Football
is a team sport. Each position is important to the whole team. Every
player counts on every other player to do their job. Teamwork is
important for safety. I like to be a team player.


The TEAM: Troy Bacon, Bryan Becherini, Patrick Bradley, BJ Cheffer,
Willie Hopoi, Dan Kleckner, Mark Mathey, Kyle Marier, Eric Omlin, Brian
Reyes, Josh Schmidt, Joe Siria, Rickie Mullen, Josh White, Jon Wittry, Joe
Vienhage, Jared Contabile, Bobby McKinney, Ryan O'Conner, Nick Cummings,
Alek Gardner

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