Re: Kids on Teamwork LO2667

Ivancic, Maria ML (
Tue, 05 Sep 95 14:34:00 PDT

Replying to LO2657 --

>>If you find their insight valuable, send me a note and I'll pass it along
to them. They would love to hear what you think of their ideas.



I think their ideas are wonderful! We could do with an injection of this
kind of thinking - are any of them thinking of emigrating to Australia??
Just joking - we don't play the right kind of football.

Seriously though, it reminds me of how simple it really is, if we can just
keep in focus what is important. I especially like, "there is no I in
team", and "keep your eyes on the good". I think the example of, "Do you
think in basketball someone who hogs the ball all the time is gonna have a
lot of friends", has a very good analogy in business. The person who
constantly plays for the limelight at the expense of the team not only has
few friends, but also a very short-term stint in the limelight.

You've got a great team there Jeff, thanks for sharing them.

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