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Fri, 1 Sep 95 16:17 EST


My name is Manuel Manga, I worked for DEC for eleven years as a Human
Resource manager and Management consultant, currently I am doing
management and organizational consulting and training both in the
US and Latin America. I have studied systems dynamics and related
disciplines, using Jay Forrester's World Dynamics book in my college
papers many years ago. I am familiar with many of the concepts of the
Learning Organizations, and have designed seminars and conducted
seminars using the concepts of mental models, systems thinking,
team learning. Some of the people with whom I have studied and or
attended their seminars, Bucky Fuller, Russel Ackoff, Fernando Flores,
Peter Senge, Humberto Maturana, Fritjof Capra.

Some of the questions I have : can we create learning organizations
under the current socio-economic paradigm ?

What is the relationship between transforming organizations and
transforming society ?

Why is not democracy considered a discipline in the current
learning organization tools and dialogue ?

I am curious about how to create institutions that support human beings
working, playing, learning in love and peace in this beautiful planet.

Manuel Manga
Organization Design Consultant.
Brookline, Ma

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