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07 Sep 95 21:12:13 EDT

Replying to LO2656 --

In his note of 1st September, Manuel says:

<start quote> Some of the questions I have : can we create learning
organizations under the current socio-economic paradigm ?

What is the relationship between transforming organizations
and transforming society ?

Why is not democracy considered a discipline in the current
learning organization tools and dialogue ? <end quote>

These are really important existential questions. They move
the boundaries of our vision. They enlarge our horizon. Yet, I
read them with certain amount of awe.

Why is that? Perhaps because my first reaction is: what makes
this group so qualified to address issues of such magnitude. Then,
I remind myself that all change comes from concerned individuals.
So, it is ours to ponder on these questions after all.

Let me start with the first question: LO and socio-economic
paradigm compatibility. I am stuck. Manuel help - what do
you mean by this? How do you describe the socio-economic
paradigm? Why should they be compatible? More questions.

On to the second question: Transforming organisations and
transforming society relationship. Immediate reaction - this
is easy. Both are created and populated by people. Thus,
it is through us and them (the people) that they link. Or
have I missed something much deeper here? May be I
should be in bed (nearly 2 am, so philosophical thoughts
come easy; also inhibition as far as making a total fool
of myself is somewhat low)!

No new insights for the second question, so I move bravely
to the third: democracy as a discipline and tool in LO.
Alarm bells suddenly ring. How do the three, namely LO,
dialogue and democracy mix? Looks to me like fruit,
pears and prices - related but clearly not of the same ilk.
Does that mean one should abandon democracy thoughts?
No. And come to think of it, open space and talking stick
are special cases of implementing democracy in a discourse
geared towards learning.

Did I just say that democracy is actually already included?
Do you agree?

Thanks for listening (reading). It has been fun. Not nearly as
onerous as I anticipated. So, reading philosophy with my 10
year old daughter at bed time (written with children in mind, and
set as a detective story) is paying off. Must tell her and check
what her views are on the above. In fact, if I can grab her for long
enough, perhaps it would interest you what she thinks directly.

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