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Mon, 24 Jul 1995 09:53:51 -0500

Replying to LO2178 --

I love it ! What a great, creative idea. how do I know that I am
responding to the last message, last increment of the story? maybe between
the time that I wrote and the time my segment gets there, the story has
moved on. How will that be handled ?
Host's Note: Barry?? And ideas? I can't think of any way to *insure*
synchronization. Let's just see what a little chaos produces!


Learning Organization Story Thread (LOST)
>Here we go. With this posting I want to inaugurate an experimental chain
>story supported by anyone who wishes to contribute. My appreciation goes
>to Kent Myers for his draft perusal and suggestions.
>PURPOSE: To see if we can generate our own "archetypal" characters within
>fictional organizations whose partial experiences, incomplete tasks,
>failures, successes, vision, etc. may provoke thought, inspiration and
>HOW: With this posting, the story begins. Anyone may add to a "episode"
>within a "chapter" as long as the "locator" numbering is followed.
>MECHANICS OF CONTRIBUTION: Contribute episodes which meet the following
>a) Each episode is plausibly related to an immediately prior episode (and
>to following episodes, if applicable).
>b) Advance the story, and leave opportunities for others to advance the
>story further according to the purpose.
>c) Aim to use one screen (200-300 words) per episode.
>d) Send only your own episode (don't repeat the one you are following).
>Save or print prior episodes so that you will not be lost. "Alistaire
>Cooke" may occasionally issue a summary, and the full text will be
>available on the web.
>e) Interleave your contributions with those of others -- no breakaways.
>f) Chapters will be used to mark significant shifts in direction or
>g) You may write a different version of the same episode. Identify which
>thread you are following, if there is a choice.
>COMMENTING: If you have metacomments, make them outside the story.
>LOCATOR NUMBERING: Include a code at the beginning and end of your text and
>in the subject line. Use the form: <chapter number>.<episode number>.<your 3
>initials>. [...Host's addition: Please put these after the LO### in the
>subject line...]
>Example: "2.3.bam" is a the third episode for the second chapter, contributed
>by bam.
>STARTING or PRINCIPAL CHARACTERS: A Male, Manni, who works in a company of
>250; a Female, Marya, who works in an organization of about 50; an Organ
>Grinder, Olli, and the Grinder's pet Rhesus Monkey who ply the Road.
>LOCATION: The Road, where the Company and the Organization are located
>diagonally across from one another.
>Good luck.

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