Re: "LOST" (A Story) LO2221

Barry Mallis (
25 Jul 1995 08:24:30 -0400

Replying to LO2203 --

Fear not, O intrepid Ania! Let chaos reign if need be.

Naturally I can't foresee what will happen, but here's a bit of crystal
ball: I imagine that after a somewhat hectic start, several threads of
the story will begin to take better shape as interesting lines are
established. In the meantime, I conjure the image of a large, wood-framed
house standing on a bluff overlooking the sea. And in the house are
literally hundreds of closets. And all of us are roaming around opening
and slamming shut the closet doors after we like children try on the
clothing within. Soon it may be time to muster on the grass in front of
the house, by the short fence near the edge of the bluff not far from the
front door of the house--all of us decked out in imaginative finery.


If you have a spirit, lose it,
loose it to return where with one word,
we came from. Now, thousands of words,
and we refuse to leave.

(such a paradox...)

>From overcast Keene, New Hampshire,
Best regards and good luck,

Barry Mallis