Re: "LOST" (A Story) LO2212 question
Mon, 24 Jul 1995 21:51:20 CST

Replying to LO2203 --

We could go sequentially, the ones who agree to participate. That's how
we do our round robin letter in our huge family. And if others happen to
insert something, that would be fine too. Yes, the chaos way mightup work
fine too. Worth a try. I remember a lot of years ago when we lived on
Long Island, the staff of NEWSDAY (a newspaper) decided to write a novel.
I don't remember much, except that they were assigned a title, and each
participant wrote a chapter. The title of the book was NAKED COMES THE
STRANGER or something like that, and the compiler put the chapters
together in the way that seemed best and the book sold quite well!