"LOST" (A Story) LO2178 1.1.bam

Barry Mallis (bmallis@quickmail.markem.com)
21 Jul 1995 16:24:45 -0400

Learning Organization Story Thread (LOST)

Here we go. With this posting I want to inaugurate an experimental chain
story supported by anyone who wishes to contribute. My appreciation goes
to Kent Myers for his draft perusal and suggestions.

PURPOSE: To see if we can generate our own "archetypal" characters within
fictional organizations whose partial experiences, incomplete tasks,
failures, successes, vision, etc. may provoke thought, inspiration and

HOW: With this posting, the story begins. Anyone may add to a "episode"
within a "chapter" as long as the "locator" numbering is followed.

MECHANICS OF CONTRIBUTION: Contribute episodes which meet the following

a) Each episode is plausibly related to an immediately prior episode (and
to following episodes, if applicable).

b) Advance the story, and leave opportunities for others to advance the
story further according to the purpose.

c) Aim to use one screen (200-300 words) per episode.

d) Send only your own episode (don't repeat the one you are following).
Save or print prior episodes so that you will not be lost. "Alistaire
Cooke" may occasionally issue a summary, and the full text will be
available on the web.

e) Interleave your contributions with those of others -- no breakaways.

f) Chapters will be used to mark significant shifts in direction or

g) You may write a different version of the same episode. Identify which
thread you are following, if there is a choice.

COMMENTING: If you have metacomments, make them outside the story.

LOCATOR NUMBERING: Include a code at the beginning and end of your text and
in the subject line. Use the form: <chapter number>.<episode number>.<your 3
initials>. [...Host's addition: Please put these after the LO### in the
subject line...]

Example: "2.3.bam" is a the third episode for the second chapter, contributed
by bam.

STARTING or PRINCIPAL CHARACTERS: A Male, Manni, who works in a company of
250; a Female, Marya, who works in an organization of about 50; an Organ
Grinder, Olli, and the Grinder's pet Rhesus Monkey who ply the Road.

LOCATION: The Road, where the Company and the Organization are located
diagonally across from one another.

Good luck.


Manni works at the Company on the Road. Since returning from a mid-day
break, he was wondering about how he could approach several others in the
long room where he worked to talk to them about his idea. His mind had
percolated for days; small pencil drawings were neatly folded in a
wood-bound binder he always reserved at his work bench for special things.
It was hard to contain his excitement, but equally difficult to take a
first step.


"Barry Mallis" <bmallis@quickmail.markem.com>