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Tue, 25 Jul 95 11:00 EDT

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Marya, who worked for the Organization on the Road was running late again.
As a single mom, getting the kids ready for school is always a challenge.
So off she went, walking down the road to work, slightly frazzled...She
could do without this hassle, today of all days, because the President was
expecting her to be in top form for a critical meeting this morning.

In the distance she heard the music of the organ grinder. Her spirits
lifted a little. Passing the organ grinder on the road to work everyday,
seemed to give her an anchor in the turbulence that she saw in her life.
His name was Olli and he didn't have a care in the world. His smile was
always welcoming and the music enchanting. As she passed him, he waved
cheerily at her. The Rhesus monkey at his side was jumping up and down
and clapping enthusiastically. It was as if the monkey knew of her
morning's meeting and was celebrating it's success.

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