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Manni continued passionately, "You see, Olli, the boss has always made a
big deal out of how the desks are set up in the big room--everyone getting
exactly the same amount of space and everyone lined up just the same. I
keep thinking that if we just shifted things around in there--let people
design their own spaces and move around the desks to be nearer to the
folks they work more closely with anyway--that we could get a lot more
done and feel better about it at the same time. You've been around here
longer than most of us, do you think I should try to bring up the idea
with the others?"

Olli leaned forward with his elbows resting on the small wooden music box
that he played outside the company's doors each day. He chuckled and
gently shook his head as he replied, "If I had to work in a place I didn't
feel good about and I couldn't have a say about it, I'd probably take up
some other kind of work." Just as Manni began to think about Olli's
comments, the monkey jumped up on the music box and then onto Manni's
shoulder and began to jabber in his ear....

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