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Carol Anne Ogdin (
25 Jul 95 6:41:11 EDT

Barry Mallis wrtoe, in LO2204:

> Doug:

> In line with your comment about the English translation of the Bible, may
> I suggest a paperback entitled The "Unvarnished Gospels" which is a
> translation of the gospels using the ancient Greek as it was meant at the
> time the translations to Greek occurred. The effect is quite interesting,
> to say the least.

To which I'd add Elaine Pagels "Gnostic Gospels," contrasting the
"official" version of the bible with the find from Nag Hammadi (not to be
confused with the Dead Sea Scrolls) in 1947. It is enlightening about how
our stories, handed down over untold generations can be changed and
corrupted by subtle shifts in language to satisfy the political ambitions
of a few.

What the Gnostic gospels reveal, written contemporaneously with much of
the four New Testament gospels, is in sharp contrast to what is purveyed
today as "biblical fact."

Each story, in its verbal retelling, cannot help but be shifted and shaped
by the speaker and the listener, which is why we put so much stock in
words: They do not change in the subsequent rereadings, except by intent.

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