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A Public Information Utility

The World (, operated by Software Tool & Die, Is an Internet service provider with headquarters in Boston, MA, USA.

In 1989 we were the first commercial Internet Service Provider on the planet for the general public. And we're still proud to be the best.

How This Works...
Every current operating system includes the necessary tools for connecting to The World over a phone line — you probably won't need to install any special programs. The World supports PPP (a standard for connecting to the Internet from any sort of computer) so all you need to do is tell your computer to call one of our phone numbers and log you in via PPP. After this one-time setup has been done, whenever you connect you can use any Internet programs (any Web browser, any mail program, and so on) — you can use whatever you choose.
Getting Started is Easy!
Our illustrated "quick start" guides will walk you through a simple setup (it only takes about five minutes). The "detailed instructions" are longer text documents for special setups. We suggest you print out whichever instructions you plan to use. If you haven't yet opened an account with The World, you'll need to Join The World first.
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