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Dialing The World From Mac OS X

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A Public Information Utility

The World (, operated by Software Tool & Die, Is an Internet service provider with headquarters in Boston, MA, USA.

In 1989 we were the first commercial Internet Service Provider on the planet for the general public. And we're still proud to be the best.

Mac OS X 1 Set-Up Guide For Dialing Into
These instructions will set up a Mac OS X computer to dial The World, using PPP.

We also have more detailed instructions (in text form). Please refer to them if your computer has not yet been configured for any Internet access (such as a new computer or a new installation of Mac OS X) or if you can't find any of the items this walkthrough describes. If you need further help, contact Technical Support.
1. Open the System Preferences (go to Apple Menu and select "System Preferences") and click the Network icon, shown below. (The icons in your System Preferences window may be shown in a different order.)
Screen Shot - System Preferences
2. Set the "Show:" field to "Internal Modem".

Click the "TCP/IP" tab. Set "Configure:" to "Using PPP" (as shown below.) You do not need to fill in the other boxes.
Screen Shot - Network TCP_IP
4. Click the "PPP" tab. Fill it in as shown below, except with your own personal information in place of the examples. (You can find a modem access number for The World with the blue form below the picture.) You may need to put a "1" in front of it for long distance, or "*70," in front of it if you need to disable Call Waiting.
Screen Shot - PPP
Find A Dial-Up
Area Code
Or State/Province
Your password will be displayed as dots; If you don't want to have to type it again each time you connect, check the box marked "Save Password".
5. Click the "Modem" tab.

Set the "Modem:" field to reflect your modem type (if it's not already set. Most computers will already have the built-in modem selected.)

Make sure the box for "Enable error correction and compression in modem" is checked.

You can enable or disable the other check boxes as you wish.
Screen Shot - Network Modem
6. Click the "Apply Now" button at the bottom of the window, and then close the "System Preferences" window.

Your PPP setup is done!

To connect:

To connect or disconnect, you can use the "Internet Connect" program.

Open the Internet Connect application (in any Finder window, click the "Applications" icon at the top, then double-click "Internet Connect"). It will show some of the settings you've entered. Enter your password if necessary, and click "Connect". Your computer will dial and connect to the Internet.

Any Web browser (such as Safari or Internet Explorer) should work now.

You will need to set up mail and Usenet/news settings in any programs you use for mail or Usenet/news. To set up Apple's Mail program (included with Mac OS X) see the "Mail" section of our more detailed instructions.

For other mail or Usenet/news programs, you will need to enter the settings shown below. (You can enter these settings in the Internet panel of System Preferences and most programs will adopt them.)
Mail & Usenet/News settings

SMTP server (for sending outgoing mail):

You may use either POP or IMAP to retrieve mail. Pick the one that your mail software uses. If it offers both then choose IMAP, it is more modern and powerful.

POP server (incoming mail):

POP account: Your account name by itself (with no "".) Exception: If you\'re using an old version of Eudora Light, enter "".)

IMAP server (incoming mail):

IMAP account: Your account name by itself (with no "".)

NNTP (news/Usenet) server:

If the news/Usenet program needs to know whether this server requires authentication, it does: Yes