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Dialing The World From Mac OS X

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The World (, operated by Software Tool & Die, Is an Internet service provider with headquarters in Boston, MA, USA.

In 1989 we were the first commercial Internet Service Provider on the planet for the general public. And we're still proud to be the best.

Mac OS X Set-Up Guide For Dialing Into


This document will guide you through setting up Mac OS X to dial into
World. There are three basic sections. The first section is for setting
up a new Mac or a new OS X install via the Setup Assistant, the second
will help you add a dial-up configuration to an existing OS X install,
and the third will help you manually configure Mail, an email client
supplied with Mac OS X.

I. Booting for the first time.

If this is a new Mac, or a new installation of Mac OS X, you will be
presented with a Setup Assistant that will ask for registration
information and then create an administrator account. Once this is done,
you will then enter the Internet setup section. Screens asking for
information are presented in the following order:

1.  "Get Internet Ready". Select "I'll use my existing Internet
    service".  Click Continue.

2.  "How Do You Connect?". Select "Telephone Modem". Click Continue.

3.  "Set Up Existing Service". Enter the following information in the
spaces provided:

        User name:    
                                ("" must be in lowercase)
        Password:               enter your World account password 
                                (optional; see below)
        ISP Phone Number:       617-560-1100 (or other number)
        Dialing prefix to 
        obtain an outside line: Enter number if needed, or leave blank.
        Call Waiting:           Select Yes or No depending on whether you 
                                need to disable call waiting when dialing 
                                from this location.

If you do not enter your password in this screen, you will be prompted
to enter it when your Mac connects.

4. "Set up your modem". Select the correct choices for your Mac in these
two fields:

        How is your modem connected to your computer?
                Internal Modem (this should be the default for most Macs)

        What kind of modem do you have?
                (Select from list; Apple Internal 56K Modem (v.90) is
                the default).

Click Continue.

5. "Get iTools". This is optional, and can be set up later if you wish.
For now, select "I'll set up an iTools account later". Click Continue.

6. "Now You're Ready to Connect". Nothing to do here, so click Continue.

7. "Connecting..." Your Mac will now make a modem connection and send
your registration information to Apple. If you left the password field
blank in Step 3 above, you will be prompted for it now.

8. "Set Up Mail". Fill in the following fields as shown below:

        Email Address:
        Incoming Mail Server:
        Account type:           POP
        User Account ID:        Your World user name
        Password:               Your World Account password (if you 
                                leave this blank, you will be prompted 
                                for your password when checking mail)
        Outgoing mail Server:

Click Continue.

This is the last part of the internet setup (there is one more screen
that sets your time zone). Once you set this and click Continue, there
is one final screen that tells you to Have Fun, so click Go and OS X
will bring you to the Desktop.

II. Adding The World to an existing Mac OS X install.

This section covers adding a World connection to a Mac already running
OS X. This should be done while logged into an account with
Administrator priveledges.

1. Open the System Preferences and click on the Network icon.

2. If you already have other Locations set, choose New Location in the
Location: setting field, and give the new Location a name. Otherwise,
proceed to step 3.

3. Set the Show: field to 'Internal Modem'.

4. Under the TCP/IP tab, set Configure: to 'Using PPP'. You do not need
to enter anything else under this tab.

5. Under the PPP tab, fill in the following:

        Service Provider:       The World
        Telephone number:       617-560-1100 (or other number)
				Please note that if you need to disable
				call waiting simply place "*70," (Star
				Seven Zero Comma with NO quotes) before
				the number to dial.
        Alternate Number:       (leave blank, or enter alternate number
                                if available)
        Account Name: 

        Password:               Enter your account password, or leave blank.
                                If you don't enter a password here, you will 
                                be prompted for it when you connect.
If you want your Mac to remember your password, click the "Save password" 

6. Under the Proxies tab, make sure nothing is checked.

7. Under the modem tab, set Modem: to reflect your modem type. Make sure
the "Enable error correction and compression in modem" box is checked.
Other settings in this window should be set to the user's preference.

8. Click the "Apply Now" button at the bottom of the window, and quit
out of System Preferences.

9. Open the Internet Connect application (in any Finder window, click on
the Applications icon at the top, then double-click "Internet Connect").
The settings entered in the previous steps should be visible in this
window.  Enter your password if necessary, and click "Connect". The
modem should dial out and connect you to the internet.

III. Configuring Mail for use with your World account.

This section covers setting up Mail for use with your World account.

1. Open the Mail application by clicking on the stamp icon in the dock.  
For new user accounts under OS X, a Mail Setup window will appear. Fill
in the following information:

        Your Name:              Your real name, or how you want your name to 
                                appear on mail you send.
        Email address:
        Incoming Mail Server:
        Mail Server Type:       Select "POP"
        User Account ID:        Your World username
        Password:               Your World password (optional; if left blank, 
                                you will be prompted for your password 
                                when checking for new mail).
        Outgoing (SMTP) 
        Mail Server:  

Once this information has been entered, click "OK" to proceed.

2. To add a World account to Mail already configured with another mail
account, start Mail and select Preferences from the Mail menu. In the
Accounts section, click "Create Account". In the settings screen that
appears, under the Account Information tab, enter the following

        Account Type:           Select "POP Account"
        Description:            (optional; enter a descriptive word or 
                                phrase here)
        Email Address:
        Full Name:              Your real name, or how you want your name to 
                                appear on mail you send.

        Host name:    
        User name:              Your World Username
        Password:               Your World password (optional; if left blank, you 
                                will be prompted for your password when checking 
                                for new mail).

        SMTP Host:    
        Use authentication 
        when sending mail:      Not checked
        SMTP User:              Leave blank     
        SMTP Password:          Leave Blank.

Under the Account Options tab, most of the settings are optional or can
be set to the user's preference. The "Delete messages on server after
downloading" box is not checked by default. If you leave this box
unchecked, you will need to manage your mail on World periodically,
since eventually your mailbox will become full and refuse any new mail.