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Sept. 25, 2017  
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Nanortech seeks Research Proposal from Potential Strategic Ally

Nanortech Inc. is seeking an R&D/funding proposal which focuses on improving the power gain, better material control, and increased production rate of these components. This strategic alliance will promote that effort for a transformational improvement in energy production. Proposals can be sent to

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Nanortech Pre-Order List

Nanortech has begun its pre-order list.

Unfortunately, there is not at present the capacity to make these components generally available in the short term as they are being used for development and R&D.

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            Open Demonstration of Dry LANR Technology at MIT
     NANOR®-type generated Clean Energy Technology can create an energy gain of up to 80 times more than is put in.      The Carbon Footprint is zero.

                                 NANOR®-type 'Clean Energy Technologies'          

 In this technology,  the product helium-4, or simply helium, which is created fresh within the a metal such as palladium or nickel.   Most importantly, the product with LANR, helium, is environmentally safe and does not produce global contamination or warming.  NANOR®-type Clean Energy Technology offers new hope for clean energy production.  

This new generation of preloaded nanocomposite LANR quantum electronic devices are active, and capable of energy gain. The 2012 MIT demonstration of the JET NANOR® showed an energy gain of 1400 to 1600%+ output beyond input.  These feature two (or more) terminals and self-contained superior handling properties enabling portability and transportability.  Most importantly, in such systems the activation of the desired cold fusion reactions is, for the first time, separated from the loading.

And there is more.  Accompanying technologies and equipment build on decades of careful science and engineering and diligent, steadfast work.  Some of the breakthrough accomplishments include:

  • Energy Gains to ~1600%, NANOR® technology
  • Several types of codeposition
  • Proprietary metamaterial shapes [4-14 dB gain ]
  • Optimum Operating Point technology [8-25 dB gain]
  • Hyperdrive-TM technology, Empirical System Identification (ESID) control [~10 dB]
  • Higher-power (High-Z) systems exceeding codeposition outputs
  • LANR-driven motors
  • Developing electric generating systems
  • CMORE AntiStoke Detection systems for activity
  • RF D-Line Detection systems for activity

These technologies will be an important source of energy for this planet, for artificial internal organs, and for interstellar probes.  It is an energy multiplier because the energy density of its reactions are ten million times that of gasoline.

Watch for them to play a critical role in all future technologies with potential revolutionary applications to all energy issues - robotics, transportation, electricity production, space travel.





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LANR Technology

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