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June 8, 2016  
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 Latest News

Nanortech seeks Research Proposal from Potential Strategic Ally

Nanortech Inc. is seeking an R&D/funding proposal which focuses on improving the power gain, better material control, and increased production rate of these components. This strategic alliance will promote that effort for a transformational improvement in energy production. Proposals can be sent to Jeff Tolleson  at

Nanortech seeks Production Engineer

Nanortech  Inc. seeks a production engineer with composite and nanomaterial & metallurgic/ electrochem proc. background & manufacturing experience in an ISO environment.  Contact Jeff Tolleson  at

 Upcoming News

Nanortech Anticipate Pre-Order List

Nanortech anticipates it will be setting up a pre-order list by Fall 2016. Unfortunately, there is not at present the capacity to make these components generally available in the short term.


            Open Demonstration of Dry LANR Technology at MIT
     NANOR®-type generated Clean Energy Technology can create an energy gain of up to 80 times more than is put in.      The Carbon Footprint is zero.


 CHERRY Technology®-type analysis builds on more than two decades of careful science and engineering and diligent, steadfast work.

LANR Technology

PHUSOR® and NANOR® are registered trademarks.

NANOR® -type LANR technology, and PHUSOR®-type LANRtechnology, and other discussed IP herein is protected by U.S. Patents D596724, D413659 and other Patents pending.

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