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Mon, 24 Mar 97 14:01:30 EST

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About the abuses of email, Rol wrote:

>The vast majority 90% +/- of the work e-mail has no value, but it is
>so easy to send that someone thinks I ought to see it....
>It ends up being handled the same way we handle junk mail at home.
>It gets trashed, unopened. The only good news is it doesn't have to
>be recycled. The bad news is sometimes you toss something you might
>have really enjoyed.

You're last sentence reminded me of a story I'll share with the list.

Supposing I gave you a bucket of 100 oysters, and guaranteed that
there were at least 3 pearls of immense value in that bucket and if
you find them you keep them. The real challenge now is where those
pearls are. The first half, the seond half or the last three.

Now as humans, we can become very automated in doing things. After 20
or so oysters, we start opening and throwing, opening and throwing.
There becomes a real danger that we'll open and throw away the 3
oysters with the pearls.

Same thing with email. Over time, we'll see a reduction in those junk

Gary Scherling
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