Business overwhelms LO12979

Rol Fessenden (76234.3636@CompuServe.COM)
22 Mar 97 12:27:40 EST

Replying to LO12956 --

Sb: Business Overwhelms LO12956

Gary says --

"Although I recognize there are many people who may feel this way,
the reality of business today makes that attitude self-defeating. Email
is a tool, just like writing a letter. It is not to replace live meetings
(although with chat lines... people are trying to...)."

The real problem with email today is the cacaphony ranging from junkmail
to irrelevant to gratuitous. I receive 75 emails at work and another
15-30 privately. The vast majority 90% +/- of the work e-mail has no
value, but it is so easy to send that someone thinks I ought to see it.

It ends up being handled the same way we handle junk mail at home. It
gets trashed, unopened. The only good news is it doesn't have to be
recycled. The bad news is sometimes you toss something you might have
really enjoyed.


Rol Fessenden

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