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Thu, 20 Mar 97 09:31:02 EST

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Clyde Howell wrote:

> Not everyone is totally enamoured of the latest technological toys.
> For them the impersonality of email can be equivalent of
> non-existence.

Although I recognize there are many people who may feel this way, the
reality of business today makes that attitude self-defeating. Email
is a tool, just like writing a letter. It is not to replace live
meetings (although with chat lines... people are trying to...).

If we are to succeed in business today, we must embrace (not love!)
the new technology. What worked yesterday and works today will not
work tomorrow! The changes in society and technology linked with the
people who adapt the new technology the fastest will continue to
thrive and succeed.

One friend of mine hated the concept of PC's and email, until she
realized she could use it as letter writing (which she enjoys)! Now
she writes letters to people all over the world... and loves it!

Gary Scherling
Helping people help themselves


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