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Thu, 20 Mar 1997 09:00:05 -0500 (EST)

Hi, People! I've been off-line for several months, and now return to the
LO group to find many new voices speaking, so thought I'd re-introduce
myself. Am part of a family-owned consulting (there's that c- word again)
group that works primarily with leadership development, dynamics of
change, group dynamics, and outplacement/job loss planning. My particular
interests rest with understanding the relationships between the objective
conditions of work and the subjective experiences of workers, and ways to
conduct work that are most consistent with human nature (which is where
much of the LO ideas come in). Those of you familiar with educative
environments (a la Dewey) will have some sense of what this is about.

Am also working on my dissertation on vital work, and the cultivating of
workplaces that are more fully human. Many thanks to those of you who
have helped (both knowingly and unknowingly) with my efforts in this. The
work is coming along well, and I've been able to visit some very
surprising workplaces. Among the many things I've learned is that 1)
these kinds or organizations are more common than what I had at first
thought, and 2) their leaders have read/heard very little from the more
popular management guru's and often are unfamiliar with such concepts as
Learning Organizations or new work paradigms. My research focus fits in
with much of the recent conversation on this list re: multiple realities;
I am working with companies that have a very strong desire to understand
how people (workers) experience their workplace, and the extent to which
that does or does not match the leader's experience and meaning-making, or
the organization's vision and mission.

As always, I'm enjoying listening in on the conversations on this list
(though I must admit that some of the recent postings have gone right over
my head!). I'll no doubt continue my tradition of being an always-reader
and sometimes-contributor.

Best wishes,
Terri Deems

Deems Associates Inc
2701 SE Convenience Blvd
Ankeny, Iowa 50021


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