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I can tell by Rol's response and other responses I was too short in
decribing my needs. (What always happens when we try to short cut our

What I am still trying to locate is a model that describes WHY it is even
necessary for organizations to change. My personal theory is that
organizations need to grow and change just as people do. Organizations are
made of people not of wood and concrete thereby they need to change with
the people who are the organization. Many of the responses I received
explain why or how people respond to change - especially change one has
little or no control over.

Yes, my agency could have done better to prepare people for change. But as
I trainer I am now trying to help people go through the stages of handling
a shocking change. I have already developed some training that explains
the personal and professional stages individuals may go through. I believe
this training will be supportive of the staff who are in shock. Within
this training I wanted to include a small piece about the "fact" that
organizations will change and that is normal because many of this agency's
staff choose to work for this agency believing they could escape the
constant change that is part of most agencies and companies. My training
goal is to help them beginning to see change as normal. This is not trying
to get them to deny that they are in shock or any other emotion they have
regarding the change.

I hope this clarifies my needs. I am will to continue our dialogue about
organizational change -- why it occurs and how it impacts the learning

Rose Wentz

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Rose Wentz is looking for a change model.

Rol Fessenden replied:

I am interpreting from the short message, but it sounds as if the
organization has surprised people with massive change, and people are in
shock. This is not yet time for learning so much as understanding. That
does not mean anything will change, that the organization will slow down
the changes, but they appear to have already started on a bad note.


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