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Rol Fessenden (76234.3636@CompuServe.COM)
05 Mar 97 21:21:17 EST

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Sb: Organiztional change model LO12755

Rose Wentz is looking for a change model. "I am looking for a model of
organizational change that helps people understand how change is part of a
normal growth and learning cycle. My agency is undergoing massive changes
and many of the staff are in shock. I am providing some training for staff
to help them beginning to understand the change and make their own plans
on how to use change as a learning experience."

I don't have a change model. I am interpreting from the short message,
but it sounds as if the organization has surprised people with massive
change, and people are in shock. This is not yet time for learning so
much as understanding. That does not mean anything will change, that the
organization will slow down the changes, but they appear to have already
started on a bad note. Before it is time for understanding that it is
really ok, first it is time to understand the shock and pain. Later will
be the time to begin to learn.


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