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Thanks. I couldn't sleep tonight as I have just undergone some massive
changes in my own life. Back in my home, starting a new position in about
ten days. This time working for myself, I learned about this LO list,
html, web design, spread spectrum communication, many other things and did
considerable writing.

I'll go on the road while my family stays here, hopefully somewhat
protected from more change for awhile anyway.

Organizations are comprised of people and it's my belief that people need
to know ways to take care of themselves. From your posting I am reminded
that "context learning" requires a certain stability and during massive
change people fall into "survival mode" usually only learning the required
essentials. Some move quicker into thinking on the run while others
slower. The combined synergy of these different rhythms balance into a
growing, thriving environment and with the right timing, influence and a
bit of luck bring the organization to "new growth spirals". If
unthinking, insensitive management disturbs people's natural learning
rhythms enough times then the organization suffers in the long run.

Kevin Murphy


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