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Rose asked:

>I am looking for a model of organizational change that helps people
>understand how change is part of a normal growth and learning cycle. My
>agency is undergoing massive changes and many of the staff are in shock. I
>am providing some training for staff to help them beginning to understand
>the change and make their own plans on how to use change as a learning
>experience. >Rose

I am sure that there are a hundred of private consultants on this net that
will offer to sell Rose a bucket and mop, (some with green handles and
some with red ones). Unfortunately they are all buckets and mops at this

Changing the subject, I guess I wonder what planet her company is on. It
seems as though "massive change" has been the norm over the last 10 years,
across all sectors, and that those companies who have not been managing
change (and taking their employees along with them) might not be the best
company to be working for anyhow. I would hope that all the "Roses" out
there are asking the corollary question: what did I *not* do over the
last 10 years to prepare my employees for the inevitable "massive

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