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Fri, 7 Mar 1997 14:59:00 -0500

Replying to LO12781 --

Mark Fulop said, in LO12781, in response to Rose's question about change:

>I am sure that there are a hundred of private consultants on this net that
>will offer to sell Rose a bucket and mop, (some with green handles and
>some with red ones). Unfortunately they are all buckets and mops at this

>Changing the subject, I guess I wonder what planet her company is on. It
>seems as though "massive change" has been the norm over the last 10 years,
>across all sectors...

One. I think it is most excellent that people will offer tools for all
kinds of performance improvement. Me, I offered some suggestions as well
as a free cartoon that she might find of use. Lots of us consultants come
across a whole lot of companies and get a whole lot of perspective that
might be of some use to folks. And most of us herein the Rick's LO Forum
ARE willing to pitch in with our time and ideas in a helpful and hopefully
fruitful way to benefit her and her people.

So, I hope Mark's first comment isn't a shot at consultants. Similar
stereotypes exist for the academics among us (Been there, done that.
Bought the t-shirts and sent the postcards. For me, often too isolated
from reality and too political in nature. No Thanks!).

My hope is that we can continue to offer candid advice to people trusting
enough to share some real questions and dilemmas and not case studies.
Methinks it is the honesty and diversity of this group that makes the List
an interesting read.

Two. I see a lot of the same reactions in lots of organizations and
agencies. While there may be a series of small changes occurring, it
should be good news that most organizations have NOT undergone massive
change" in any real sense. The good news is that most of the changes in
most organizations have been of the more acceptable gradual kind.

I've worked with the Hong Kong Civil Service on managing and leading
change and shared some tools (Square Wheels) with their more senior
managers and trainers. But do you think anything really has prepared them
for the next few months??

Sure there have been reorganizations of one kind or another in most
mid-size and larger organizations. But I don't think that the statistics
will show that major shifts occur in every single one of them. Many of
the people in this country work for smaller organizations that have been
improving and growing, change for sure but not the massive traumatic kind.
But we read the news about the layoffs of the Big ones and think that the
norm. NOT.

We can argue statistics. But it won't do much.

My guess is that many are wanting help in Better managing the changes
around them. Thus, there has been a good reaction from the folks here in
the Forum. And I hope that it will continue,

For the FUN of It!

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