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Fri, 7 Mar 1997 04:41:15 -0500

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Mark says:

> Changing the subject, I guess I wonder what planet her company is on. It
> seems as though "massive change" has been the norm over the last 10 years,
> across all sectors, and that those companies who have not been managing
> change (and taking their employees along with them) might not be the best
> company to be working for anyhow. I would hope that all the "Roses" out
> there are asking the corollary question: what did I *not* do over the
> last 10 years to prepare my employees for the inevitable "massive
> changes."

Mark: I'd say Rose's company is on the same planet as most of the small to
medium size businesses on this one. I see a lot of people in the 0 to 50
million dollar range who are still doing business the way they always
have. No networks, no email, no quality measures, no cost system, no
learning laboratory.....

The change factor in most of these organizations is not perceived as
necessary until:
1. a major customer insists on change
2. the shift from entrepreneurial organization to highly but poorly
structured org creates chaos
3. growth creates paralysis

There are those who want to do it, want to learn and change and create new
products and services and do it on their own. The general case seems to
be waiting for a crisis.

John Zavacki
The Wolff Group

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