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> I suppose
>"Seven Milestones in the History of Thought in the Western Philosophical
>Tradition as a Framework for Scientific Inquiry" doesn't exactly have much
>economy of style, but, well,'s just that I'm imagining shamans
>throughout the world cringing in forlorn abandon at the idea of seemingly
>not being included in an History of Thought....snip...The idea that the
>ways of the "rational", white, Western male are the standards against
>which all should be measured has proven a niggardly persistent one.

I know rick has an aversion to 'me too' messages, which is essentially
what this is...

I agree jackie, well said


in terms of l-o and complexity...

what jackie reminds this white male of is:
multiple perspectives, shared [or not shared] mental models, autopoiesis,
paradox and all the stuff that enriches our thinking feeling and being in
our world in the same way that jazz enriches the classical repertoire...
Hey, I'm not denying Beethoven, I'm just saying check out Miles, Coltrane,
Courtney Pine, etcetera etcetera...


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