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On the question of why organisations need to change, one of the best
business strategy books I have read in the last year is James F Moore:
The Death of Competition. Harper Business 1996 ISBN 0 88730 809 0. It
goes very well with Clay Carr's Choice, Chance and Organization Change
Amacom 1996 ISBN0 8144 0279 8. Moore looks at organisations *in* a wider
ecosystem, Carr's looks at organisations *as* ecosystems. Those two and
Robert Quinn's Deep Change Jossey-Bass 1996 ISBN 0 7879 0244 6 form a kind
of 'trilogy', because Quinn looks at the individual within an
organisation. They are all highly readable. I guess that Robert Quinn's
latest book builds on the one recommended in LO12814, though I haven't
read his earlier book.

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