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Richard K. Berger (rkberger@rkb.com)
Sat, 11 Jan 1997 12:02:21 -0500

Replying to LO11783 --

Dear At de Lange and the list:

The post (below) by At de Lange was moving. Long, but moving. It is very
hard to be open. I have been honest in this list, for instance, and have
suffered in private E-Mail with insults and profanity. Life can be like
that. People can be like that. So, with that, being open or not is many
times about fear and courage.

In my work, I stress my openness with all of my clients as I work as their
General Counsel to build and protect their businesses. But, I have
freedom to do this because I have many clients -- I don't just work for
one employer or one client. If I did, I would be more afraid. Instead, I
have created an environment where I invite being fired if my true self
doesn't add value or if you don't like what I say. It's great to be
allowed to be me (flaws and all).

Frankly, it is harder to be open on this list than in most environments I
have encountered over the years. The goal of this list is to promote
participatory learning in organizations, but in this list I (rightly or
wrongly) perceive a culture of profess ors teaching students. Do others
feel this way, or are my perceptions in error?

Thanks again, At de Lange, for a moving post.

-- rkb

"Will this be on the final?"

[Host's Note: I am quite disturbed that people writing to learning-org
might receive unpleasant email as a result. I believe this is infrequent,
but I am aware of other instances. If any authors on the list do receive
such email or other unpleasant communications, I would like to be aware of
it with details (just forward to me). I cannot necessarily do anything
about it -- postings to this list go to a lot of people -- but I do want
to be aware of the specifics. (My e-mail address is at the bottom of each
msg.) ... Richard Karash, host.]


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