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In reply to Disappointment -- No soul? LO11814 from Richard berger

>Frankly, it is harder to be open on this list than in most environments I
>have encountered over the years. The goal of this list is to promote
>participatory learning in organizations, but in this list I (rightly or
>wrongly) perceive a culture of professors teaching students. Do others
>feel this way, or are my perceptions in error?

If I was asked to position myself on a scale 'Student -> Professor' I
would't know where to put my mark. I'm still more like a pupil I guess.
I've never felt being lectured by anyone on this list although I am shure
I wrote some 'stupid' non-intellectual replies in bad english. I sure
hope that I never lectured anyaone on this list! When I subscribed this
list about 14 months ago I used hours and hours to find the "right tone"
afraid of being labeled "non-professional". I didn't comment on many
threads, until I shared heart-toheart- what was on my mind (the lurker
thread). The replies I received (privat and public) encouraged me. In
fact this list helped me throughout these past 14 months to master more
and more my own style of dealing with LO concepts. I learned that I don't
need direct quotes from me in other replies to prove myself that I was
right (or said the right things I assume everybody liked to hear).

For instance, I am very pleased to see some poetic and musical
consultantsouls appearing on this list, contributing with insights,
metaphors, poems etc. in reaction on my 'Arts in LO' subject thread from
just before Christmas. Am I wrong here? Am I just imagining this? I am
not sure Richard has come out with what's realy moving him. What's your
point Richard? What's causing the pain?

But than again, Who am I to judge your perceptions?

Greetings from Holland under a frosty clear sky with stars like diamants!


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