Balancing work and home LO11509

Durval Muniz de Castro (
Thu, 19 Dec 1996 10:10:41 -0800

Replying to LO11491 --

Ian Saunders wrote:

> I work from home, so can spend all sorts of hours in my office. Sometimes
> to the annoyance of my family.
> ....
> I would be interested in others views, How others cope, solve this puzzle?

Some ideas:

1- The change of context home-work-home-... may stimulate learning.

2- One fundamental point in this balance is availability: the possibility
to receive information and switch allocation according to

3- Another fundamental point is quality: the quality of the time we spend
with our work or our family is more important than the number of hours.

4- How do we balance individual interest with group interest? Different
jobs allow different degrees of personal interest accomodation.


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