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Sat, 21 Dec 1996 12:19:51 +1100

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Ian. G'day.

I also work from home or have my office in my home.

Have been on internet for a few years.

In answer to your question.

1. Have not yet made any money out of internet yet. Therefore internet
time is R&D.

2. My beloved spouse thinks of herself as an internet widow

3. Have just spent the morning writing and sending internet "christmas cards "

Merry Christmas folks



At 13:29 18/12/96 GMT0, Ian Saunders wrote:
>I hope that this is the correct procedure for initiating a new topic.
>ACHIEVING A BALANCE between work and home.
>I work from home, so can spend all sorts of hours in my office. Sometimes
>to the annoyance of my family. The internet has provided the opportunity
>to converse in many ways with people I would otherwise never have made
>contact with.

denis cowan , brisbane , australia. fax ** 61 7 32681869


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