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I hope that this is the correct procedure for initiating a new topic.

ACHIEVING A BALANCE between work and home.

I work from home, so can spend all sorts of hours in my office. Sometimes
to the annoyance of my family. The internet has provided the opportunity
to converse in many ways with people I would otherwise never have made
contact with.

I have only been a member of this list for a month and already it has
provided me with many stimulating ideas and contacts.

As I sat going through my current set of messages I was struck that "here
I was going through my mail at eleven o'clock in the morning viewing this
mail as a part of my development and because I work for myself, from home
able to do it during 'normal' working hours.

I had spent about 2 hours on it and could/should/ I afford it this much

When do others read and respond to there mail. At this point I remembered
a thread that is running [or has just finished] that related to the use of
the internet. In one set of messages Ben Compton (I like your
contributions very much) talked about the possibility that the internet
would allow him to have more time with his children than his father. I
then had this image of Ben sitting at home dealing with his mail in 'home'
hours and maybe the technology was not going to give him as much time with
his children as he thought!! In my house I am sometimes informed that I
may be at home and am not available as I am in the study(Office) at the

I would be interested in others views, How others cope, solve this puzzle?

A Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year to everyone on this fascinating
and worthwhile list with special thanks to Rick.

Ian Saunders
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-- (Ian Saunders)

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