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I have recently participated in an exercise in my group dynamics class
that I think is extremely interesting. I was part of a group of six
individuals (I was the only female with five guys). The purpose of the
story is to classify the different characters according to wickedness,
starting from the most. The story is as follow:
"Once there lived two sweethearts, Abigail and John. John lived in
part of a large castle, which was surrounded by a moat in which there were
terrible person-eating fish. Abigail lived on the other side of the moat
in the village. But since they were fortunate enough to have a drawbridge
connecting the two sides of the moat, Abigail and John were able to meet
and carry on the business of being sweethearts.
One day, the drawbridge broke! Abigail, who was in the village,
was very distressed for she wanted to get to John. She went to her friend
Igor, and asked him to take her to the castle gate across the moat in his
boat. He said he would take her to the casle, if she would have sex with
him. She refused. She went to her friend Rosen to ask him if he would
carry her across the moat in his boat. Rosen said he didn't want to get
involved. So Abigail decided to accept Igor's offer. They went to bed,
then Igor took her across the moat in his boat.
When Abigail got to the castle, she ran to the part where John
lived. And when John heard the whole story, he threw Abigail out. (But not
into the moat with the person-eating fish, just out.) Abigail was huddled
by John's door crying when her friend Krantz came by and inquired of her
emotional state. When she told him the whole story, Krantz went into
John's house and beat him up.
In the distance, one could hear Abigail laughing."

The story not only brought up our different values, but also made us think
about morals as well. I think this is extremely useful, as one of us
thought that Krantz was the worst because he used violence, another
thought that it was Abigail because she cheated on John. We all had
different ideas, I basically think that it was Rosen because not wanting
to get involved is never a good enough solution, and is actually worse.
The catch in this exercise is that the group needs to come up with a list
by 15 minutes, so individuals learn to work not only as a group but also
to understand the different interpretation of others.


"Be not another if thou canst be thyself" Paracelsus


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