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16 Dec 1996 10:01:38 -0500

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Thanks for the explanation, Bill. Your organization and mine share some =
qualities, it seems to me.

Here's a simple values exercise to try. Divide your group (assuming =
there are enough people to go round) into pairs or trios or even =
quartets. Each group has an easel pad or large sheet of paper.

1) Ask each group to draw a bicycle (it's important that the drawing be =
made from scratch by the person or persons)

2) Instruct the groups to label/identify, using a single color marker, =
each part of their bicycle which they recognize as having a distinct =

3) Using a different color marker, have the group think about, answer, =
and write down responses to this question: "Each of the bicycle's elements=
we have identified are like what aspects of our current organization? =
And, most critically, WHY?" These responses will be written immediately =
next to the earlier identified bicycle parts.

I'm certain that you'll generate lotsa great conversation of you care to =
try it.

Happy days,


Barry Mallis MARKEM Corp. Keene, NH

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