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16 Dec 1996 09:03:54 -0500

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I'd like to build on Michael's thought about chaos.

A cousin to his observation is that older organizations sometimes share =
an interesting characteristic: they're like onions.

In their early years, most everyone knows everyone else and what they do. =
As the organization grows, this environment changes, and the layers of =
the onion begin to grow. By accretion, the onion grows thick, and many =
of the skins, which represent processes and even output, go unquestioned. =
Strangely, this leads to more chaos than necessary as new members to the =
organization sometimes create work-arounds to traditional means and =
actions (the onion skins). Root cause goes unidentified.

Bringing processes under control allows time to "let processes go." What =
a wonderful world we live in.

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