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Mon, 16 Dec 1996 04:19:48 -0500

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We've used the term Essential Conversation to describe conversation that
falls someplace between dialogue and discussion. More towards story -
telling. We might start with team members sharing their 'most powerful
learning experience' and why it was so powerful. As others in the team
listen to the story, they are asked to reflect on what values they hear
being expressed. Story ends, the team members share out the values they
heard and those are listed for further conversation later. Given the size
of the 'team' people may pair up first and then share each other's story
in the group.

We use the above in conjunction with 1 on 1 relational interviews of each
other. (we refer to this as deep listening) The interview focus' on what
work you do and why you do it with the interviewer gently stirring the pot
so that the interviewee begins to tell their 'story' about what is really
down deep important'. Information gets shared back with group . Can be
powerful tool for building relationships.

If you are interested I have a conglomeration of 'stuff' on this I can
share. It's not in any order, just some ideas we use that I stuck in a

Joe DiVincen


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