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Thu, 16 May 1996 05:43:04 -0400

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Jesse W. White[] wrote:
>Data collection systems can be soooo
>overbearing that the system requires cheating to maintain it. ISO 9000
>seems to be the answer, but are the data collection interventions and
>processes making liars out of employees?=20

Jesse, ISO9000 gives you 20 control/feedback points which need to be =
established and controlled in order to get registered. It's not an =
answer to data collection and analysis problems. It is basically a model =
for a control system. It doesn't give you enough information to be able =
to run a business, and can be implemented in ways that get you =
registered but still don't assure quality. The amound of data you =
collect should be a function of the type of information you NEED to =
successfully learn enough about your systems to improve them.

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