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I'm new of this mailing list and first of all I want to say hallo to =
I'm italian, 27 and actually I'm working in a consulting firm operating =
in implementation and exploiting of the Internet in organizations.
I "met" L.O. during my studies in Business Administration at Bocconi =
University, Milan and I really appreciate this way of conceiving =
Expecially the mood that is under this way of acting.
I collaborate with newsletter "System Thinking in Action" the organ of =
Systems Dynamics Italian Association and this is really a good thing.
I'm always strongly persuaded of L.O. rigthness and I'm always looking =
for opportunities to implement these ideas in organizational contexts.
my non-original idea was to exploit Internet and expecially Intranet to =
facilitate processes useful to create L.Os!!!
When I read about it in some messages I was really happy 'cause I've =
found somebody to talk about...
In my company there's not a great commitment on this topics but I keep =
on substaining these ideas. I'd like we'll be a consulting firm whose =
mission is helping organizations to exploit the opportunities offered by =
Internet to become L.O. The real trouble is that I'm young and so =
obviously I've not a great influence.

I read a lot of messages on the site and after I subscribe, so I can say =
they are all really interesting.=20

Best regards,

Stefano Malvolti
Interseris S.p.A.


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