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Sam Ho (SKHCOR@dmu.ac.uk)
Thu, 16 May 1996 11:49:02 +0000

Dear Mail-group Member,

Please find the information for the Conference Proceedings below.

You can find similar information at the WWW page:

Thank you for your attention.

Sam Ho,
Chairman, 1st ICIT.


The proceedings of the 1st International Conference on ISO 9000 and
TQM (1st ICIT) has 350 A4 pages. It consists of 54 papers from very
prominent speakers in the field (see contents for details) on
contemporary issues on ISO 9000 and TQM. It is selling at a special
offer of stlg40 (inclusive of surface postage). Please send a
cheque/remittance payable to "Uni Co." and address it to:

Dr. Sam Ho,
Chairman, 1st ICIT,
Leicester Businesss School,
De Montfort University,
Leicester LE1 9BH, UK.

[Long list of papers and sessions deleted by your host. ...Rick]


"Sam Ho" <SKHCOR@dmu.ac.uk>

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