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I think this whole thread is going in directions I never even imagined in
my original expression of frustration. My friends and I set up VISTA
because we wanted to make a difference politicallly, socially and
economically.. impact the future for the better and be part of creative
energy making things happen rather than observing and criticising. We
chose to do this through consulting to whole system transformation but
here are ther ways this could be progressed. One of the things that
becomes clearer to us as we work is that we at VISTA cannot do this alone
... we *must* collaborate.. at every opportunity. Many times this has
worked well for us ... so I believe it is possible

>That is, what are the conditions which would encourage consultants to
>work together, to collaborate, to generate more value as a community
>than we could individually? I mean something far beyond a "training
>society" where we learn from each other at conferences.

I would *love* to explore this further .. and I agree not with labels but
with a deep base of principles and ethics and some sense of community
which has a greater purpose and capability than the individuals who make
it up....

>And we need a structure of relationships that grows organically and
>provides nourishment for itself and for each participant who is
>playing effectively.

I have seen that developing to some extent - but what are the factors
which support the growth of the structure and what are those which inhibit
or even cut it back??

>Dee Hock, founder of VISA, was pursuing such an idea. I don't know
>how it's going but the model of an organic nature that he uses for
>the design of the organisation is interesting.

I do not know the name but I am sure there is some stuff around the
meta-network and team net which is of a similar nature - I may be wrong it
is only hanging at the edge of my consciousness..

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