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I am in great sympahy with your situation. I remember being thrilled by
all the people I could talk to on this list and what is basically an
impossible set of conversations to track.

In the end I mentally modelled it as a really great party - people having
a good time with lots of in-depth conversations and other lighter ones.
When I arrive at parties I wander and meet people, get to know the
conversations going on and wonder how I could physically join in with them
all. Then I sit somewhere with a group I am attracted to (many will be
the attractors - the group may stay small or grow larger) and discuss in
more depth something with them. I realise I cannot do both - wander and
follow conversations in depth...... I am also the type who wants to stay
until the end of the party and last conversation - makes for an unhealthy

These days I delete more than I ever used to, there are some people I
always read, if my name is mentioned I read them in case I need to reply
or clarify my assumptions, some threads I follow and keep to read again
and synthesise later, others I barely skim before deleting. I have already
declared a preference for shorter postings making 2/3 points at the most
(although I have sometimes gone aginst my own advice!!) They are all geat
conversations - I used to feel guilty now I feel privileged I can track so
much - at the party I would never have known what was said when I was

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