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Julie Beedon responded to Paz:
>I am in great sympahy with your situation. I remember being thrilled by
>all the people I could talk to on this list and what is basically an
>impossible set of conversations to track.
>In the end I mentally modelled it as a really great party - people having
>a good time with lots of in-depth conversations and other lighter ones.
>When I arrive at parties I wander and meet people, get to know the
>conversations going on and wonder how I could physically join in with them


>These days I delete more than I ever used to, there are some people I
>always read, if my name is mentioned I read them in case I need to reply
>or clarify my assumptions, some threads I follow and keep to read again
>and synthesise later, others I barely skim before deleting.

>I feel privileged I can track so
>much - at the party I would never have known what was said when I was

Julie, when I have been overwhelmed by the traffic here, I have let some
mail accumulate, then sorted by subject and read whole threads at one
sitting! Very instructive to examine how threads change...

Of course, enough material has accumulated more than once to force me to
trash a week or more of conversation without even skimming (except for the
"some people I always read").


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