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Sun, 12 May 1996 22:46:10 -0500

I have been deligently following 90% of the discussion treads on this=20
list for about a week and half now. It's time for me to assess the=20
value of how I manage to interact with this discussion group.

I realize that this is primarily a personal issue for me. How I=20
decide to prioritize and allocate my "free" time between family, work,=20
face-to-face socialization, personal and spiritual development,=20
exercise, etc., is something that I need to bring to the forefront of=20
my awareness.

Ideally, my participation in the learning-org discussion group is=20
something that I should (and want to) integrate with my other=20
commitments. However, I'm finding myself vacilating between almost=20
imperceptibly short-changing my kids (boy-12, girl-10, boy 5) & wife=20
on occasions and wanting to discontinue my reading/posting to the=20
group because I need (and don't have) time to develop my thoughts to=20
respond adequately to postings that interest me or to responses to a=20
previous posts of mine which need follow-up/clarification.

I don't know how other manage, or what kind of conflict they do or=20
don't experience as part of the cost to their participation, but I=20
would be interested in discussing this with others in the group as=20
part of a thread. What do think?

[Host's Note: As I've said earlier, I recommend people skim the LO list
selectively, reading or not reading based on the subject line, or browsing
the archive on the World-wide-web. I don't think we should expect each
subscriber to have read each msg. Augustine, at 90% I think you're much
more diligent than most. ...Rick]


Augustine A. Paz

"Philosophy is orthopedics for fractured beliefs." Jos=E9 Ortega y Gasset

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