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Julie, you've stimulated something that I have worked on in the past
but which I've let go for some time except on a small and personal

That is, what are the conditions which would encourage consultants to
work together, to collaborate, to generate more value as a community
than we could individually? I mean something far beyond a "training
society" where we learn from each other at conferences.

I think that we need to be clear about what we are developing and
what for? That is, some common base that is not labelled by an
approach - learning organisation, total quality, re-engineering, etc
- but has a deeper base.

And we need a structure of relationships that grows organically and
provides nourishment for itself and for each participant who is
playing effectively.

Dee Hock, founder of VISA, was pursuing such an idea. I don't know
how it's going but the model of an organic nature that he uses for
the design of the organisation is interesting.

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