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Replying to LO7423 --

Julie, sorry to take so long to get back to you.

I am too busy to be able to pursue what I implied in my earlier
communication. I am interested in it but the set-up would have to be
so easy, time-limited and painless that I can't imagine it happening
right now.

I think that there needs to be a common text upon which the associate
is based and that there also needs to be a mechanism whereby I
benefit by my contribution to the whole as well as by the
contribution of others (in an economic way).

Another way of saying what I think is needed to relate it to VISA.
Dee Hock said (at least) three things that distinguished it:
- we're in the business of facilitating exchange, not issuing credit
cards or dealing in credit as such (redefined the business)
- we're in the business of moving information not money (a major
redefinition for its day)
- an organisation should model a living organism (another
redefinition in another area)

These provided the "text" around which all else happened. Until we
define what we are up to in some unique way, then I don't hold out
much hope for what I've pointed at.

Sorry not to develop much with this,

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